Toyota Tundra Highway Through Hell

Tundra Highway Through Hell at Belleville Toyota

Toughest Tundra Yet

Sit front seat and watch the adventure unfold as Jamie Davis and his fleet of Tundras travel the highway through hell. Watch as the team is pushed to the limit on the most dangerous road in the world. Only one truck has the power to navigate such a demanding job, which is why Jamie Davis chooses the Toyota Tundra as his trusted colleague. Watch Highway Through Hell Tuesdays at 10pm ET on Discovery channel.


The Tundra Saves Lives

The Toyota Tundra is the perfect vehicle for the tough work that Jamie Davis and his team go through. From navigating icy roads, heavy traffic, and towing heavy loads, the Tundra saves the day again and again. Watch as the Tundra plows through flooded roads, provides shelter overnight, and even charges cell phones amidst a power outage. You never know what can happen on the Highway From Hell, but the reliable Toyota Tundra provides peace of mind.


The Right Truck for the Job

After a debilitating storm, the Tundra comes to the rescue to help cut down trees and pick up debris with ease. As the most reliable vehicle on the job, Jamie Davis and his team rely on the Tundra to make it through the day.



Join Jamie Davis and the Toyota Tundra as they clean up after the biggest disasters of the season. The Tundra switches from city slicker to off-roader with no time at all, and thanks to its incredible 4 wheel drive, the Tundra is able to tackle any terrain. After a semi rolled over, the Tundra was able to be on the scene quickly, hooking up the airbag trailer in under 3 minutes. With the Tundra out front, Jamie Davis is able to get everyone back home safe.


The Tool of Choice

Join Jamie Davis and the Toyota Tundra Tuesdays at 10pm ET to see how this capable truck is able to navigate the Highway From Hell. The Tundra is the truck of choice, making the company money with its reliability, efficiency, and getting the job done. Visit Belleville Toyota to see the Tundra for yourself at 48 Millennium Pkwy, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5.