Emergency Response Guides

Toyota publishes a series of Emergency Response Guides and Dismantling Manuals to ensure that safety professionals and first responders to an accident can identify the presence of hybrid technology and act accordingly. As well, these guides are useful for owners of hybrid vehicles if they want to become familiar with the system. Because Toyota's hybrids have a high-voltage battery pack, great care is taken to ensure that this pack does not come into contact with objects other than the hybrid propulsion system itself. That goes for normal operating conditions as well as in accidents. The Guides are especially useful for those involved in the dismantling of Toyota hybrid vehicles. In general, the dismantling of these vehicles is similar to conventionally powered vehicles, except for the high voltage electrical system in the hybrid battery.


For an up-to-date Emergency Response Guide and Dismantling Manual for each of the Toyota hybrid models, click on the links below:

Emergency Response Guide:

Dismantling Manual: